Using Summer Produce at its Peak



The last month of summer is a bittersweet time for me. All our favorite summer vegetables are at their peak. Our son is back at college for his senior year (which explains my hiatus from my blog) and my hubby and I are reassessing how to eat healthier in his absence. (Because frankly, our vacation indulgences at some very fine restaurants have made me eager to search for some lower calorie options.)

Here’s an old vegan favorite of mine that you might enjoy:  Okra and Tomatoes with Chicken.

On Saturday, I found gorgeous small okra at the market, so even though this is a well-loved recipe from Fool a Carnivore, I was inspired to make it again – with some crucial changes. I’ve trimmed the olive oil, upped the quantity of veggies, and served it with a delicious quinoa corn pilaf flecked with fresh chives, instead of the couscous and buttery ears of corn I had suggested in my original recipe.  My Gussied-Up Quinoa Corn Pilaf was an outstanding addition.

We loved this on Saturday night, accompanied by a light-bodied Spanish Garnacha. The 2010 Emporda Espelt Garnacha Old Vines went perfectly with our meal.

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